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Friday, March 23, 2018



Saturday March 31st I will start a journey to reconnect with something that has left me questioning everything in my biking life.  Last years Tour Divide attempt did not go as planned, even though I had prepared for years to take a go at attempting the feat. Next Saturday I will rejoin the Divide route in Cuba, New Mexico for some early Spring training but also to reconnect and reflect on what is to come this June.  I will get to see parts of the course that I failed to get to last year adding to my confidence on this years attempt.  But I will also spend the week on the trail reconnecting to something that has been missing from me for months now.  My passion for dirt.  My love for a good adventure.  Tackling the unknown.  Clipping my feet into the pedals of my beautiful new bike and testing myself.  A simple journey!

Silly poem I wrote.  Turns out to be a heart when you center it.  Pretty cool I thought.

If you care to follow my expedition across the New Mexico Tour Divide route please click the link below:


Thanks to all you out there following and cheering for me.  I feel all the positive energy!

Your Friend,

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  1. Can't wait to watch your adventure!

  2. Good luck on this adventure and the Tour Divide later this year.