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Specialized Epic Pro
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Monday, November 19, 2018


2015 JayP's 200k Fat Pursuit winter ultra finish line.

Winter Layering

No matter if you’re training or racing, knowing how and why to layer is make or break situation. Here’s what works for me:

·         General layering guidelines

o   Test, Test, Test

o   Use what works best for you

o   Base layers should always wick moisture away and dry quickly

o   Colder weather minimize stops

o   Wool is king

·         Above 55º F

o   Base layer is minimal

§  Light weight wool socks

§  Craft cool mesh superlight tank

§  Bibs/Jersey

§  Full finger gloves

§  Skull cap

§  Regular cycling shoes

§  Sunglasses

·         40º F - 55º F

o   Above items

o   Knee warmers

o   Arm warmers

o   When closer to 40º F add wool jersey over top

o   Shoe covers/Toe covers

o   Heavier glove with light thermal layer

o   Add ear protection

·         20º F - 40º F

o   Above items

o   Heavier wools sock

o   Swap base layer to thermal and long sleeved

o   Swap knee warmers with light thermal bib tights

o   Swap skull cap with thermal skull cap

o   Add breathable jacket

o   Mittens when closer to 20º F

o   Swap shoe covers with thermal shoe cover

·         0º F - 20º F

o   Above items

o   Add balaclavas with thermal skull cap over and wool Buff

o   Add additional thermal layer between jacket and jersey.

o   Below 10º F swap regular shoe out for heavier winter boot like 45Nrth Wolvhammer

·         Below 0º F

o   Above items

o   Heaviest wool sock add vapor barrier and light sock combo below -10º F

o   Swap light thermal bib tights with heavier thermal tights

o   Below -10º F add additional layer under tights

o   Add pogies to bike handle bars

o   Additional face protection covering all skin

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